MyINSN will be back soon will return shortly. Major changes have been made to both the front ( the bit you may use) and the back end (the bit that makes the magic happen).

Our tried and tested masternode shares platform will be safer than ever, faster than ever and leaner than ever, improved transaction and orphan tracking, vastly improved performance, and much much more data readily available to the users

Exchange API Integration
One of the biggest changes has been the integration of API’s for several exchanges, allowing us to show real-time price data for bitcoin and thousands of other coins, along with neat bonus features like £ and $ values.

Masternode Stake
It’s HERE! Masternode staking is available on this platform from now, it works like any other stake pool service, masternode shareowners and their coins are locked in masternodes and thus can not stake but all active balances will be staked automatically.

Share Trading
Advanced share trading tools are now available allowing you to continue to earn for your shares until the very second they are sold, trades execute in real time and change hands immediately, share cashout payments are available for immediate withdrawal.

Network Peers
Never be caught short again, you can access our peering history at any time and get all the add nodes for you coins at any time, masternode coins get the added bonus of a masternode network list, with all the latest data you need!

Free! Masternode Alerts
Own your own masternode? want to be alerted when it goes down? Just visit the masternode online node page, find your masternode in the list and click add monitor. That’s it, whenever your masternode status changes you’ll get an email alert in seconds.

Payout Alerts & Statements
We have made it exceptionally easy to be alerted when you get a new payout, and even easier to produce up to a year’s worth of payout receipts. Just for those who tell Mr taxman about there activities (We recommend you do if you’re required to btw)

Brand new, all new, lightweight ultra fast javascript powered website and socket delivered data combine to give you incredible UI Features and blistering performance no matter the workload.